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♪ winning the america's cup is not just about skill and technology. it's also about strength and athleticism. and today i'm getting a sample of what members of team usa go through to get ready for the world's biggest yacht race. >> my name is jerome kirby. i'm an offside trimmer at team oracle usa. >> so you are one of the athletes on team usa, oracle usa this year in the america's cup. that's awesome how does somebody get involved in this? >> i started sailing at 4. i got into sailing through my dad. i kind of grew up around the america's cup.
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my dad was in the america's cup and three around-the-world races. i have had the fortunate opportunity of being around it. >> when you were young, did you do it for fun? and when did it start becoming competitive for you? >> i think it became competitive at age 8. >> really? >> when i did my first national championships. >> you were competing in national championships at 8 years old? >> yeah. >> give me an idea. what does workout entail? >> in the mornings, most mornings, all of us are in here lifting. and afternoons after sailing, you come in and do kind of a high intensity workout. >> it's all day long working out? >> all day, nonstop. >> all right. and those big guns are needed for sailing, because the workout is not only a grind, so is his job. >> everyone on the boat grinds. when you're grinding, you're turning handles. so you're turning -- we have pedestals on the boat. and you're spinning the handles. and that either operates a winch or other things. >> you're going to tell me how
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to use one of these? i see people over here on one. can we check one of these out? i want to see what it's all about. this is the grinding machine. >> yep. >> okay. so put it on a level what it would feel like on the boat. i want to see what i'm made of. >> that's pretty close to what it would feel like. yeah, the low gears feel like. but not -- >> let me give this a go. oh, okay, oh my god! this is insanely difficult. would i make the team? >> not at 24 rpms, no. >> what rpm am i supposed to be at? >> 80 at least. >> oh, my gosh there is no way in hell. this is not just my arm. this is my core too. this is a lot. and my stomach. >> we have these machines that are just like you're grinding on an ac72. and the trampolines simulate going across the boat.
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well can do most of our maneuvers on here, on dry land. >> you show me what it's supposed to look like. all right. he is going just a little bit faster than i was. >> not only it is you have to win nine races, but you have to be physically fit. >> he is in phenomenal shape his biceps are about the circumference of my head. so i know he must work really hard and be in the gym all the time, training all the time. and i definitely have a lot of respect for that. >> sailing these boats is pretty spectacular. really loud, wet, physical. your heart rate, you're just spiked the whole time. you're maxed output. when you start a 30 minute race to when you finish. i think september everyone will get to see it. and hopefully it will be a good show. >> i'm not going to make the team this year, huh? i have to train a little harder? >> a little harder. come back next year. >> good luck. i'll be watching. good luck at the race. >> appreciate it. >> see you later. coming up, we check out the
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best seat in the house for racing history. >> represent the best seats in the house for free.
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now that i've gotten up now that i've gone up close and personal with the athlete and their amazing boats, it all comes together right here at america's cup park on pier 27. from entertainment to sailing exhibits, this is a vibrant landmark created just for the cup, fans and offers the ultimate sailing experience. the best part is you'll be closer to the action than ever before. >> where it starts is at marina green. we call it america's cup village. but the finish line is right here, right off of the end of this pier. >> this is the place to be. i've come to the right spot. >> and the best part about it,
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we've reserved the best seats in the house, right on the end of the pier for the public for free. >> the races and festivities for the america's cup take place over 50 days. and san francisco makes the perfect host for this epic race. it's here in san francisco this year. why? >> arguably the best place in the world to sail. it has strong winds coming from the same direction all the time in a consistent speed. and for sailing, that's fantastic. >> and it's this strong winds that will propel one boat towards the ultimate trophy, the america's cup. originally awarded in 1851, it's the oldest active trophy in international sport. >> when you win it, you win it. and other people have to fight amongst themselves to then find one who will try and take it off you. america won it in 2010. and the rest of the world is going to try to take them off them in september. >> and there is one man who knows about taking the cup, it's former america's cup winner and olympic silver medalist jean-bertrand. he made history by skippering
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the australia 2 to victory and ending america's 132-year winning streak. >> they are going to win. they're about to cross the line. has done it! >> back in australia, when we won, the celebrations were to the end of world war ii. >> and i imagine it's probably different watching it now than it was in 1983. how was it different? >> we would sail 15, 18 miles an hour. >> okay. >> these boats are sailing 55 to 60 miles an hour. and the speed of the decision-makinging is faster because the boats are faster. we're talking about execution and decision making. people making decisions at the right time. same in the america's cup. >> and one great decision leads to the another. i get to the winning spirit and head to the world's largest bar where they're serving the favorite sailor's cocktail. >> the original name is called a pim's cup started with james pim in 1823.
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he owned the hoist the bar in london. it became so popular, that he started bottling it. and the sailors loved it so much that pim's being a gin-based helped with secure have i. >> an excuse to drink. for medicinal purposes. all right, this one is for you. we start with a healthy base of pim's gin and bitters, and plenty of ice. cucumber slices and bay laurel. these look so good. have i got to get a little with my ion camera. >> heres to the cup. >> and to this cup. i'm feeling like i could sail the globe now. so i'm off to check out the flying on water exhibit. come on, go the other way. i think i'm fighting the current. >> this insulation gives fans a firsthand experience of what goes into sailing the high seas. >> whoa. i'm flipping the tip. it's harder than it looks. okay.
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i'm wiped from all this fake sailing. time to kick back and soak up the sound. and here on the pier, there is no shortage of entertainment. i love this band. i have to share this. good music, good fun, and good drinks. i can't think of a better place to celebrate this one-of-a-kind sport. >> it's no surprise that america's cup is a go-to destination for many of the world's most luxurious yachts. docked in the marina are some of the world's most luxurious cruisers. among these beauties is the leigt star. it boasts an oversized jacuzzi, six bedrooms and its own helicopter pad. and it's ready to be chartered at your command. >> hey, everybody out there, welcome to leight star. helicopter capable yacht.
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>> if you want to see the america's cup, this is the best way to see it, right here on leight. we have 17 tvs. they'll see everything that is going on in the race. and you can enjoy it, viewing right up close to the racing boats. we'll get right on the course. but they'll probably kick us off. >> leight is 10,000 feet of indoor space and 8,000 square feet of outdoor space. we have three bars on board. when you're at the america's cup, you're not going to run out of spirits, that's for sure. we do have a 15-place jacuzzi, nice and warm, ready for you. one of the most beautiful features on the boat is that there is no pillars holding up this cover on top of this boat. and you get the full view unobstructed all the way around. this would be a great viewing area for the america's cup. we have these beautiful italian doors here.
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one nice part about them, all you do is walk up and they just let you in your yacht. was really nice about leight's star's interior, a spacious area, a lot of seating. the best woods in the world are used here. beautifully lacquered, feels good. this is our lower main dining area. we have this beautiful new zealand wool rugs on the floor. and our theme in here is roman theme. so we try to give the burgundy and the gold drapes and floor. we have these specially made to give that it roman feel. this beautiful italian marble here is absolutely gorgeous. and back here is where we have our dining room table. this is really beautiful place to have your dinners. >> and what is a world cup yacht without a striking master suite?
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>> still have your views of the racing, the boats and everything that is going on. but you take advantage of being able to rest a little bit, watch your television, and of course what beautiful yacht wouldn't be without its own fireplace? all these things that are the experience you're going have on leight star at the america's cup. not only what is going on outside, but what is going on inside. >> so whether you want to stay on board and soak up the sun or hop in the heli and jot to the beach, this high-end vessel provides the ultimate yachting experience. coming up, we get a taste of america's favorite cup of joe. >> this is all about the best coffee at the simple touch of a button. and voila. >> oh my goodness. look at that. 1st look is brought to you by ion camera. shoot in hd, share in realtime. get yours now at ion
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with the excitement of the races making waves in san francisco bay, we head into the city to continue the celebration with nespresso, the official coffee of the 34th america's cup. we're experiencing all of the excitement of the cup. and i hear that nespresso has gotten involve today. >> absolutely. it's our long relationship being the official coffee of the america's cup. we have america's cup-inspired
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windows and we created an america's cup drink that we serve down at the marina. let me get you a great cup of coffee. >> all right. let's go. when a coffee lover comes here, what kind of experience does nespresso offer for them? >> we want coffee lovers to sit down, relax, and have a beautiful coffee experience and extraordinary customer service. >> i want to see it all. so i say we go and explore and experience the magic of the cup. >> perfect. >> we have our boutique bar where our guests can sit down, enjoy our coffee varieties, and have a little live snack. we have our discovery where our guests can enjoy and explore our new machine innovations. >> i love that. because i feel like i've always wanted to know how to make an espresso or latte, but i just don't know how to use all the components. >> downstairs at our boutique, that's where you can get hands-on and learn how to make a coffee firsthand. >> all right. well, i think i need to do that. and down a flight of stairs await a coffee lover's dream.
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a boutique stacked with nespresso coffee and an assortment of sleek machines to create a fully hands-on experience. >> this is the area where our guests can actually discover what nespresso is all about. and we have 19 coffee varieties that met your every mood. >> do you pick by color, like i like purple? or no. >> all the colors signify a different type of intensity. and you rate them from 1 to 10. >> i'm thinking i'm probably between a low intensity and a 5. so maybe a 3 for a 4. i like light coffee. >> then let's go for our orange capsule, which is perfect for a morning coffee. so you take the capsule. >> all right. >> and as a guest, you can -- >> just hit the button. all righty. here i go. i can't believe how easy this is. >> at the simple touch of a button, same quality. >> for some reason -- >> this is what we're all passionate about. nespresso is all about the best
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coffee at the simple touch of a button. >> oh my goodness. i just made a fantastic cappuccino. look at that. i'm a pro already. >> cheers to that. >> you nailed it. no matter how you take your coffee, one thing is for sure. nespresso always makes the perfect cup. i had a great time in san francisco. i learned a ton, and i met some truly amazing people. but for now i will say good luck to all at the race, and i will see you next week. ♪ all right, let's go
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if we're on strike, we're not making anything. so i don't like striking. but if provoked, we have to. >> the deadline now about two hours away. and right now on this special edition of nbc bay area news, bart and its biggest labor unions at the bargaining table, trying to avoid another crippling strike. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm diane dwyer. thanks for joining us for this special edition. 400,000 riders use bart every weekday. tonight we all want to know will bart be running tomorrow? >> nbc bay area's kimberly tere outside caltran headquarters in oakland where the talks are still under way right now. kimberly? >> reporter: well, it's two hours away from that midnight deadline, and still no deal.
9:53 pm
almost two hours ago, bart's lead negotiator tomahawk walked out of the building saying he was heading to his office to talk to some people and get more input, presumably on a proposal. as he stepped outside, about a dozen bart workers who showed up earlier saying they were here to support the negotiators working on their behalf, tackling costs. hawk was able to tell us the two sides, in his opinion are, getting closer to coming to a deal. and he is still hopeful. a negotiator for amalgamated transit did not seem as optimistic. >> time. we've been in and out. they've been in and out. we wait for them. they wait for us. it's a normal process. >> the offers that they made so far are nowhere near acceptable. they don't address our safety concerns. >> that current contract as we keep mentioning, expires at midnight. the unions say they are ready to be here around the clock. bart's lead negotiator told us he would be back over.
9:54 pm
however, we have not seen him return this evening. among the major ticking points all along have been salaries, health care, and pension. we do know that these issues are seriously being discussed with proposals being sent between the two sides. so we'll keep an eye on this. and if anything develops, we will as soon as we find out, we will let you know. live in oakland, kimberly tere, bay area news. >> kimberly, we're hearing a bunch of noise behind you. there folks now chanting? upset? >> reporter: yes. those are amalgamated transit union workers. those are the same workers who were here a few hours ago. they showed up saying that they were here in support of the negotiators who had been working so diligently on their behalf. they are also the same group that were heckling hawk as he walked out of the building at about 8:00 this evening. >> got it. thank you very much, kimberly tere for us. if there is a strike, bart plans to offer limited bus service during the peak commute areas from seven of its stations. buses are set to leave from 5:00
9:55 pm
to 8:00 a.m. from the following station, el cerrito, walnut creek, concord, san leandro, down lynn, pleasanton, and fremont. they will stop at the west oakland station, and also near the san francisco transbay terminal in the afternoon. buses will run the opposite way, between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. so let's bring in nbc bay area's stephanie trong. people packed those buses during last month's strike. >> reporter: that's right, diane. they were packed buses. this bus service only designed to serve a few thousand people out of the 400 thousand estimated bart riders every day. we were able to talk to someone every day who was able to catch a bus the last time around in july from dublin to san francisco where she works as an attorney. and lisa tapper saying she is in disbelief and dreading this. you may understand why after hearing her describe the process. >> but by the time we got to west oakland, we had to get off, wait for another bus that took about 45 minutes. by the time we got on to that bus to get on to the bridge took
9:56 pm
probably an hour. and then another, you know, 40 minutes to get over the bridge. so each way for my commute was about three hours. >> reporter: so that's six hours of commuting every day. we were there as she prepared her lunch for tomorrow. she says she ate dinner at 4:30 today so she could go to sleep early to wake up at 3:30 and catch the first bus out of dublin if there is a strike. she is hoping the bart and unions, if they cannot come to an agreement will at least extend the negotiation period, something we also heard from other commuters today. bart management has said it is okay with dealing with talks on a day-to-day basis. now, last month that four and a half day strike happened during fourth of july week. so plenty of people on vacation. so the impasse this time around is expected to be a lot worse if the strike does happen. another thing that people were talking to us about today, do i stay up for the midnight deadline and see if there is a strike? and everyone told us no, they've already counted bart out of their morning commute plans.
9:57 pm
live at the fremont bart station, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. in addition to the bart buses if there is a strike, ac transit will be running more buss to get people where they need to go. down the peninsula, samtransplans to offer buses and additional ferries from oakland and alameda to san francisco. commuters are also encouraged to carpool. if necessary, caltrans will expand carpool lanes on interstate 80 from 5:00 p.m. all the way to 7:00 p.m. >> we have posted all the information on our welcomes, there is a tab at the top of the page titled bart strike resources. there you'll find updates on negotiations as well as details on all those transit alternatives. and if the strike is a go, the today in the bay team will start at 4:00 tomorrow morning to help you avoid traffic as much as possible. that's a half hour earlier than normal. let's check the forecast for tomorrow what ever it brings. here is rob rob mayeda.
9:58 pm
>> we'll see low clouds. we'll see the temperatures staying fairly cool at the all-day sea breeze. we're going to see our temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s. just like we saw today. 78 in san jose. low 80s inland for our valleys. and you'll see here in the seven-day forecast turning even cooler as we head towards the middle part of the week. so the mild august continues next weekend. a little warmer by sunday. >> rob, thanks very much. and thank you for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. >> we'll be on in just an hour at a normal time with the latest on the bart negotiations. until then, have a good night. >> see you then.
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>> on the surface, everything looks normal with this guy. >> he's a surfer dude, a former eagle scout, a mormon missionary, and a suspected killer. >> did you believe he was capable of doing something like that? >> no. >> tonight, join the hunt as the fbi searches for one of its ten most wanted fugitives. >> when his face was put on tv, a friend called him and he hits the road. he's a ghost. >> then, keep your eyes open, because this guy could be hiding anywhere. >> i don't think i've ever seen anybody like this. >> chris hanson on the trail of the fugitive. >> it reads like a litany of the nation's most notorious criminals. th

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